$360.00 USD

Atlanta, Georgia (October)

This is a Weekend Workshop Training opportunity.

What you'll get:

  • Weekend Workshop from Friday, October 25th through Sunday, October 27th
  • Friday is our "Get Acquainted Night" Check with Jeff for the scheduled time, usually we are there for 2-3 hours getting to know each other and making sure we have a clear picture for who is going to be at the workshop and finalizing any last-minute adaptations that will make the weekend fit the needs of those that are going to be there. Bring any special requests you have for the weekend.
  • Saturday, will start at 10AM and go until we wear you out. Actually, we are scheduled to be at the bowl until 5 PM but it isn't uncommon for us to hang around and share more time and experiences later into the evening. Everyone is free to go at 5 PM, it is just us bowling nerds that stick around because we can't get enough.
  • Sunday, we start at 10 AM again and go until 4 PM. We have to be more considerate of the time on Sunday because people schedule their return trips home so we will shut everything down at 4.

Expect the Weekend Workshop followed by a "Continued Learning" resource that will be online content you will gain access to 21 days after the conclusion of the workshop.