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Hi, my name is Denali

The Leader Of The Pack

My daddy said smile and I gave him this. I really don't know what to say because my daddy only takes me to special camps (he says I have to be invited). What I can tell you is that my daddy is busting his butt every day. He is either in the shop making stuff, on his computer preparing courses, or outside rolling Orbs, throwing Blocks, Pins, and Balls with me, my momma, and sisters. It's a blast! and we love it. When I ask him why he is so busy he tells me that BowlU is revolutionalizing how we teach the sport.

Ok Denali, that's enough... I promised him I would get him more involved in what I am doing, he and his sisters are always wanting to help. They are a huge part of my life now that I don't want to travel as much. If you like dogs and bowling, we have a lot in common. I have been traveling the world since 1995 teaching this great sport and now I spend as much time as I can sharing the things I love the most. I don't have one dog I have one pack. Six Alaskan Malamutes (Momma and her 5 puppies). I probably shouldn't be calling them puppies now that they are almost 2 years old and the smallest one is over 100 lbs. 

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The Administrative Team and their focus. All of them are qualified to help you with your game but they have equally important responsibilities in helping BowlU grow the sport we all love so much.

Rick Benoit 

The Dreamer

Brad Angelo

Training Camp Manager

Pamela Sandoval

Product Manager

Allen Levet

 Online Manager

Samuel Anderson

 Social Media Manager

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