Training Camps

This is where we will post all of our public training camp opportunities. Once they are posted here, you are able to register by clicking on the camp image of your choice.

Camp Types

What To Expect

We will show up a day early and host a "Get Acquainted" night. This gives us the time to share some stories and thoughts that help make the weekend more productive and special. This is a 2-day camp with a balance of classroom, on-lane challenges, and revolutionary training techniques you won't see anywhere else in the world. Bring your bowling balls on Saturday and Sunday. We will get started early (usually at 10 AM) and spend 7-8 hours with a break for lunch in the middle. You are welcome to take all the notes you want but don't worry too much about pencil and paper because we prefer you to be more involved in thoughts and interaction. For this reason, we provide "Continued Learning" resources that stay with the camp participant even after we leave.

This camp is the greatest value in the sport of bowling. From the beginning, BowlU decided to keep the cost of this camp less than the cost of a bowling ball because when it comes to making a choice, the value of this camp will always be many times more valuable than a bowling ball. You will leave with a new perspective, knowledge, and experience you can't get anywhere else. Our goal is to spread a level of pride and respect that will last your entire bowling career.  

What To Expect

Presently there are no Skill Development Camps on the schedule. Let us know if you are interested in hosting a Skill Development camp. 

What To Expect

Presently there are no Lane Play & Ball Motion Camps on the schedule. Let us know if you are interested in hosting a Lane Play & Ball Motion camp.