Lane Play & Ball Motion Training Camp

What to expect. 

We will show you how to play every part of the lane and the ball motion you need to play that part of the lane. A weekend focused only on Lane Play & Ball Motion ought to get rid of a lot of he confusion.

Camp Opportunities
Call (716) 946-7981

"Some think it is best to learn how to play their ball motion ... well they are mistaken and we will show you why"

Goals For The Camp

  1. Goal one is to clear up the pictures

  2. Goal Two is to understand Transition

  3. Goal Three is to showcase the formula

  4. Goal Four is to challenge your newfound knowledge

Day One

The starting point is never the same. We are going to wipe out the bad and show you the good. The invisible obstacles have played havoc for too long. BowlIng is ... always has been ... and always will be about transition and we are going to make transition our friend. Learning how to sort through whatever the competitive challenge is and then create an effective game plan. We will explore all of the ball motion factors and the tools we have to combat them. This day will feel like a cleansing. 

Day Two

Day one just got us started and we aren't going to start something new until we get what we came for right. We are bombarded with way too much bad information on an every day basis and this weekend is focused on one thing ... clearing up the pictures for those who showed up. A bowler's number one enemy is confusion ... and that % is going down 

After we leave

Post-camp communications between camp participants will provide the real-world experiences that take our Lane Play & Ball Motion skills to an even higher level.