Order of Understanding Training Camp

What to expect 

Knowledge and experience you can't get anywhere else. We start the camp out with a "Get Acquainted" Night that allows us to make any "last minute" adjustments based on the uniqueness of the location and participants. The next two days we focus on content that is right for the uniqueness of that camp. No two camps are the same and that is on purpose. Our goal is to meet the camp participants where they are at and leave them with a foundation of understanding that will last a lifetime.

Camp Opportunities
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"Order of Understanding is the most valuable training opportunity in the industry. Everyone who has a passion for the sport of bowling should make sure they attend BowlU's Foundation Training Camp. It is both the long term and short term answer to every bowler's development." - Rick Benoit (BowlU founder)

Our 3 Camp Focuses

  1. A solid foundation of understanding

  2. Skill Development

  3. Strategic Development 

Off-lane training

About 1/2 of our time will be in the classroom and the other half will be on the lane or doing drills. Don't be surprised if we go outside for the drills. We prefer to get away from the distractions of the lane and we want to share with our students how they can improve their skills without going to the bowling center. It is a fact of life that few people have enough free time to go to the bowl. That's OK because we have a better way. Bring your equipment each day. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

On-lane training

When we are on the lane we will continue to add more knowledge, but we are going to spend most of our time with challenges unique to the BowlU experience. When we are on the lane our goal is to teach with as few words as possible, allowing camp participants to build the visual and strategic skills it takes to achieve higher skill levels of the sport

When we leave

Every camp participant will have access to "Continued Learning" videos that can be viewed on their smartphone or computer. This access will be given a couple of weeks after the camp so a bowler has time to sort through their camp experience.