Skill Development Training Camp

What to expect 

We are going to focus on Skill Development Drills the entire weekend. We will break your game down into each of the 5 motion sequences. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and then provide the drills you need to make your skills within each of the motion sequences match your uniqueness.

Camp Opportunities
Call (716) 946-7981

"You do not have to throw the ball a specific way ... but your skill set and your strategy must work together"

Goals For The Camp

  1. Goal one find out where we are starting from

  2. Goal Two provide and understanding of each motion sequence

  3. Goal Three decide the direction that is right for each participant

  4. Goal Four bust out butts with drills that match our uniqueness.

Day One

We will start on the lane but we won't be there very long. Because the best way to improve skill sets is to narrow our focus down to individual skills. Expect to get hot and heavy into drills on the very first day because the weekend will be over before you know it. You will need to prepare yourself for the workload we will experience. Yes, bowlers are athletes when you do it the right way. Come prepared with clothing that will match if we go outside or into a gym.

Day Two

First, we will need to deal with the aches and pains from day one. More drills are in order once we get warmed up and by lunch, we will be ready to go inside and understand that when we get on the lanes our goal is to focus on the flow between the skills of our game. When you step on the lane you should be thinking about Tempo, Rhythm, and Flow.

After we leave

We will provide a video library of drills that will allow camp participants to learn, improve, and or monitor the skills of their game. When you feel the skills improving it will motivate you to go to the bowl.